Understanding the concept of management with Executive MBA in Mumbai
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executive mba in mumbai
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What is MBA? It is defined as management of business administration at graduate or college level and an Executive MBA in Mumbai is a professional degree amplifying knowledge about the management functions and giving them an enhanced understanding about the concepts of business administration. Renowned Indian companies as well as multi-nationals are always looking out for aspirants who have enrolled into this prestigious program for specialized knowledge.

Universities that offer Executive MBA in Mumbai understand that this level of education can enhance their reputation as well as attract students of multitude countries to enrol in this course. The fee structure of these institutes is generally high because of experienced faculty, innovative learning process, state of the art facilities along with highly developed equipments. The colleges that offer Executive MBA in Mumbai mostly network with renowned companies for extending placement opportunities to their students. Well-known institutes like ITM, offer maximum placement opportunities so that candidates do not face hurdles while applying for jobs.

Enhanced curriculum of Executive MBA in Mumbai

The curriculum of Executive MBA in Mumbai remains partially same in every accredited college and University. The program encompasses the following course content:

Macro and microeconomics: Micro economics is the detailed study of business decisions that involve individuals whereas macro economics comprises of business concepts that involve the country or the Government. The managerial dissection of case studies of individuals and Government is vastly covered under this subject matter.

Brand Management and Advertising: Brand management involves gaining in depth knowledge about marketing a brand, enhancing its value in the market through advertising or promotional activity and holding public events to popularise the brand effectively. Executive MBA in Mumbai vastly inculcates this specialised form of learning so that students are able to acquire marketing and management skills and develop the technique of positioning a brand for increased profitability.

Operation management, human resource management, financial management, marketing strategies and soft skills are some of the other subject matters that are covered under Executive MBA curriculum. The specialisation delves deep into the subject of business administration to give enhanced understanding about various components so that you become adept at prevalent industry practices.