Tips to find colleges to pursue Executive MBA in India
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The Indian society is driven by education and is more education oriented than anything else. There are so many reputed and different colleges with a number of courses that you can apply for. The executive mba is a course that is pursued by many students these days for its wide scope. Since there are so many different colleges for this course it is often difficult to choose which is the best among them. Here are some of the best tips for your guidance when you are opting for mba and how to choose the best college among all.

Your CAT ranking

A lot of it depends on your ranking in CAT. Unless you have an exceptional ranking you would not be able to choose any and every college just like that and your choice would get limited to a certain number. Hence check which of the colleges you can apply for executive mba and then decide which the best among them is. This way it would a realistic search and also you can narrow down the list of colleges that you can apply to for studying executive mba. This is a course that is available in some of the mba colleges and not all.

College reputation

The reputation of the college is a very important factor that you should be considering. There are number of private college teaching executive MBA in India and they are not very highly reputed. If you want to choose the best among them, check with your friends and family who have certain level of idea about such colleges and their background. You can also consult a student who is currently studying in the college of your choice or simply check the college’s website to understand their ranking.

The fee and course structure

Consider the course fee and whether you can afford it. The fee and the overall course structure should be within your means. A college which is reputed and have quality education would have scholarships and standard fees and you can make your choice of the college accordingly.

It can be concluded that choosing a college which is fulfilling the criteria mentioned here would help you decide which the best college is for you. If you want you can always consult the college representatives face to face as well about the course that you want to apply for.