Time to Reach Your Goals With Part-Time MBA Degree
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You are very well aware that MBA degree will set you apart as well as help you to take a step ahead in your journey. The part time MBA programs are an answer, with self-paced and lockstep options. Let us take a close look at some important facts about the part time MBA degree to see whether they are the best fit for you & your lifestyle.

Time Commitment – The part time MBA generally runs year-round and with the classes scheduled outside the normal business hours. So, you can select how many classes that you can take every semester, with the majority of the candidates now opting for 1 or 2, completing a program in 4 or 5 years.

Peers –Around 89% of the part-time MBA program applicants are the working professionals. With demands of work, busy schedules, the part-time MBA program provides the perfect balance to create the common link for many candidates.

Experience – The part time MBA courses offer the same core of the business fundamentals as well as multi-disciplinary electives like full-time MBA programs. Part time MBA program classroom often becomes the incubator for several challenges that you might be facing in your career. Together, with faculty and classmates, you may explore different solutions to the problems and put new skills that you’re learning in a classroom to work before graduation.

Learning Opportunities – There’re generally two kinds of part-time programs available—lockstep & self-paced. The lockstep degree programs are growing in popularity in recent years, whereas self-paced MBA programs have got a decline in their applications. At several schools, in the part-time, the lockstep programs that you can enroll with the cohort and helping you to start your experience with the community and network, who can move through a program with you. The self-paced programs provide more flexibility as well as in some cases, the accelerated coursework.