The pros and cons of Executive MBA in Mumbai
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Executive MBA in Mumbai

Every course and every education comes with a set of pros and cons but we need to understand whether the pros outweighs the cons or whether it would be justified just not pursuing a course because the cons are vital. If you are thinking about the pros and cons of enrolling for an Executive MBA in Mumbai, I have already prepared a list so you need not go through the trouble yourself.

We are constantly debating whether a higher degree of Executive MBA in Mumbai would be able to give us the reward for such a costly program. Whether there would be a salary package that would be offered to us that meets our expectation when we enrol for this complex and stringent Executive MBA in Mumbai.

Listed pros and cons of pursuing Executive MBA in Mumbai

The city of Mumbai is a financial capital of India and as such it requires qualified individuals who have knowledge about investments, finance, marketing, human resource management, business administration etc. It is also home to the fashion addicts so the retail management is another competitive course that is offered here. Pursuing Executive MBA in Mumbai would more advantageous for people keen on pursuing a career in retail sector and finance/marketing.

Here’s a list of other pros for pursuing Executive MBA in Mumbai:

  • Work experience above competitive exam score: The relevancy of work experience matters more in pursuing Executive MBA in Mumbai and all other places. You may get relaxation from eminent colleges even if you did not get a high percentile in CAT or other competitive exams.
  • Learn and earn at the same time: Executive MBA in Mumbai gives you the chance to continue working while you earn the degree of EMBA. This has been designed for working professionals and as such the classes are either held over the weekend or in the evenings. This gives you the time to continue working while learning about advanced principles of management related to a specialized course.
  • Practice what is preached: You would get to learn from your peers as they have industry experience and share their professional experiences. You would understand the tactics and techniques each one practices in order to emerge a winner out of circumstances that may seem impossible.

Cons of pursuing Executive MBA in Mumbai:

  • Sacrificing weekends: Most people are tired of working during the week and want to rest on weekends when you opt for pursuing Executive MBA you would lose spending weekends relaxing.
  • Less time to family: You would lose on ample time with your family which may not be taken up well with family members.
  • Costly program: Although this may not be really matter as you would be compensated with a high salary package however some people may not prefer taking up an education loan as these programs are expensive.

If you are ready to accelerate you career then these cons may not really matter because an Executive MBA is almost equivalent to a regular MBA program and since you also have experience reputed firms would readily extend high paying packages with senior designation in their firms.