The Festive Nine Nights are here!
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The Festive Nine Nights are here!
Kali Tara Mahavidya Shorashi Bhuveneshwari
Bhairavi Chinnamasta cha Vidya Dhumavati tatha
Vagala Sidhdhavidya cha Matangi Kamalatmika
Ete dus mahavidya sidhdhavidya prakirtita!

Navaratri celebrated as ‘ Durga Puja’ is the major festival in West Bengal it’s almost similarly celebrated as Ganesh Chaturthi Maharashtra. Idols of Goddess Durga are set decorated in huge sheds or pandals and worshiped for nine days and on the tenth day immersed in water bodies. There will be mass participation, community feeding and other festivities. Durga is worshiped as Kali also.

In the nearby states of Assam, Bihar, Jharkhand etc also Durga Puja is celebrated as major festival. In Orissa, Chandi or Chandika is worshiped and Navartri

or Durga Puja is

an important festival in Orissa.









Beautiful clay idols of Goddess Durga are worshiped throughout the state with great fervor. The Goddess is seen in her most dynamic form, beautiful and fearsome invoking awe and bhakti in her devotees. On the fifth day or the tenth day of the festivity the beautifully crafted clay idols are immersed in the river.

A festive atmosphere awaits, with the spell of Navaratri to the festival of lights. This is the moment to emerge out like the radiant sun

creating a bright new day, a dazzling new life.

A very Happy Navaratri to everyone!!