The department of Marketing, ITM, Kharghar The ‘EXPERT TALK’
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Branding in the digital world

Ms.Payal Vaidya, consultant, Creative Director and an Innovation Design strategist who works for multiple clients based worldwide operates from New York.  With her rich experience of working for brands like P&G, Unilever, L’Oréal, Garnier and Dove, Ms.Payal shared her ideas of branding in the digital world. 

Ms. Payal Vaidya. Initiated the Experience Brand Thinking Workshop Series- Immersive and Experiential workshops with a Human-Centred design approach to building brands, products and services.  She had worked for 15+ years in advertising agencies in India such as Ogilvy, Publicis and Grey as an Executive Creative Director. She is a strategic multi-disciplinary thinker who is resilient and loves connecting the dots between research, strategy and creative execution.  She that inspired students to find out new things related to Branding Strategies that they were passionate about and make their chosen career more than just a job.

She also elucidated as to how the essence of a global brand had to be communicated to the local customers for them to appreciate its benefits and features and to prove this she gave a video glimpse of Garnier and Febreze where the features of these global brands were appropriately promoted through advertising campaigns

The audiences which had Marketing and the Digital marketing students had their subject-related queries effectively handled by Ms.Payal