Vijay Mandeep
10 August 2016 - 14:50, by , in , Comments off

I still remember that moment when I entered the campus; I never expected the campus to be this way. I wanted a huge ground or maybe an amphitheater with a really huge campus. But the words that got me thinking were of my director Dr. SaritaIyer – “Why do you need a big campus for a professional course”. And it has proven to be true. I never actually needed a ground in these two productive years. The campus perfectly apt for an individual to grow into what he wishes to be. I believe in delivering a strong outcome of the knowledge that has been inculcated in these two years and for that all you need is an encouraging platform to help you showcase. And ITM has rightfully provided me this nurturing platform to prove myself, and gave me not one but many opportunities to develop my inner strengths and help create new strengths. The concept of mentoring helped each and every student to share everything with their mentors, be it personal issues or academic. Mentors have been on our side since day one, in our successes and failures, motivating us to achieve the unachievable.

At ITM Bangalore I was awarded with medals and appreciations which I haven’t received in ages. I thank them for bringing out the true me out in the world of competition. Here at ITM each and every student is considered to be equal and is recognized and awarded for his/her talents. Professors here are amazing with the immense knowledge that they believe in sharing knowledge with them that you acquire. Teaching here is an art. It has been more of fun, outdoorsy and effective learning unlike other institutions where it is strict and traditional education is pertained within classrooms.

Friendship is an essential part in your life. Students at ITM are true definition of India, belonging to diversified locations throughout India. You get exposure to different cultures and its values. I have made some really good friends who have supported me in each and every step at ITM. I believe they would be with in my life for a long run.
Coming to placements,ITM believes in delivering to their students what they promise. I feel so blessed to be placed at CANON INDIA PVT LTD. The credit goes to my mentor Dr. Sarita Iyer who motivated me and believed in me, Mr. Sarvar Khan for standing by us throughout the placement season and the key motivator Prof. Sharath Ramesh. I thank all of them for bringing out the true me and for making believe in me.