Soumava Banerjee
7 March 2016 - 13:14, by , in , Comments off

My initial task was tele-calling and inform all retailers of their target of 30 activations within 10th of the month which would fetch them an incentive. Next I was given the task of visiting the Top performing Loot-Lo and Extra Tie up outlets to enquire about their problems. After this task was over I was given the task of visiting all Distributors in South Cluster and collect data and depending on that information advise them how can they decrease their expenses and in the process increase their Return on Investment. Subsequently I was part of Market Storming team as part of which I was given the responsibility of visiting a particular market for a day and check whether there were enough visibility, whether the retailers were aware of all schemes and address their issues. After that I was tasked with visiting outlets in 5 distributor points, which is my present assignment. There I have to go and visit outlets mentioned to me and explain them how by doing MNP(mobile number portability), 71FRC and 294 FRC they have a chance to earn huge profit. The experience has been really exhilarating, especially when one gets the chance to work in one of the top company of India. I am getting to know how the telecommunication sector works and what are the challenges that comes in the way of working. In the process I have to visit different areas and come across different people, and talking to them and getting to know of their problems is giving me a detailed insight into everything and all the mathematics that goes in the working of a telecommunication company. I am ably supported by my mentor and senior colleagues who are there to help in whichever way possible.