Raviram Teja Pokuru
7 March 2016 - 13:21, by , in , Comments off

“My initial task was meeting new service providers physically and make them listed their business on Bookmein.in portal and providing them the information about how Bookmein.in works. After I was given the task of visiting the already listed Service Providers and make them understand the importance of the information in their page and request them to update the profile. Once this task was over I was given the task of Analyzing the traction of bookmein.in website using Google Analytics Tool and making report based on the analysis. Using the data from Google Analytics I started Client Engagement Program wherein I need to give download on what happening on the listed SP’s Business page along with the reasons for the same. The experience has been really exhilarating, especially when one gets the chance to work in start-up and an E-Commerce Portal, i am getting to know how the market works and what are the challenges that comes in the way of working. In the process I have to visit different areas and come across different people, and talking to them and getting to know the market for each category is giving me a detailed insight into everything and different marketing strategies used in current scenario. I am ably supported by my mentor and senior colleagues who are there to help in whichever way possible.”