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A report on stock broking industry and comparative analysis of financial position of stock broking companies with reference to Cholamandalam Securities.

In chola I had experience of stock broking industry and what is the main function of a stock broker. The main task was to study about the market and also the financial statement of the company and give my recommendations to the company. To summarize my learning through project

  • I had a thorough knowledge of stock broking industry and I gave recommendations to the company as my analyses.
  • Recommendations on upcoming trends, drivers and challenges that are prevailing in the industry which were interesting.
  • I also analyzed the financial statements of chola and compared it with two more top broking companies ( Geojit BNP Paribas and MOTILAL OSWAL)
  • I had chances of developing my communication skills more.
  • I also had a chance to see how a stock broker actually acts as an intermediate and makes decision on buy or sell shares.

Ultimately this internship showed me the real corporate world and how to adjust to things and act according inly and also how to move with the senior officers which increased my confidence.