Priya Chaturvedi
10 August 2016 - 14:52, by , in , Comments off

Institute of Technology and Management , Bangalore has given me an experience which is difficult to pen down. I Joined in the batch of 2013-15. One main advantage of studying or doing this PGDM Course was that this master’s degree last for 15 months, allowing to start our carrier as fast as possible. One thing I learnt from the professors of ITM was not to believe everything you read or hear.. question it! If you don’t believe it, take it forward. Back then, I Was a student believing in everything that was taught. But after coming to ITM, I believe I have become more Inquisitive , more critical as a person which I definitely think is a plus.

There was always an encouragement from all sides but most importantly from our Director of the college, Dr. Sarita Iyer. When I reflect on my 15 months , I conclude with the fact that this experience in the college made me better person. The Director of the college forced me to discover the voice which I never knew I had and it had worked out for me so well.
The classmates, the professors supported each one of us to be a champion once we land in the market. The time I had in ITM is irreplaceable. This college has made me what I am today. I will not fail to give all the credit to the college. And here I am today , proudly working with HT Media Ltd.

By concluding here, I would like to say which I always say, Come and discover yourself in this college and see how the life takes a Turn!