Pooja Deshmukh
10 August 2016 - 14:47, by , in , Comments off

I strongly believe being passionate holds insignificant if one is unable to translate their passion into something that deems oneself successful. You cannot talk about passion unless you are ready to do something about it. We all have the resources to at hand, but at times knowingly or unknowingly we tend to ignore these resources. I stepped in ITM as a student who claimed to be passionate about Advertising and Branding but with an extremely vague idea about it. ITM has helped me realize these resources at my disposal and taught me to project myself at great heights by growing professionally as an individual.

ITM is one of those very few colleges which take an initiative of developing a student into entrepreneur. I belong to a family background of entrepreneurial business and I can proudly say my college ITM Bangalore not only encourages entrepreneurship but validates the importance of the same. I feel privileged to be the part of the first Entrepreneur Development Cell Committee. I thank Dr. Sarita Iyer and Prof. Sharath Ramesh for giving me this opportunity and letting me be a part of it. It was this initiative that lead me into thinking how entering into a business setup instead of restricting myself to a job would do me good.

I feel proud to be a part of ITM since I got more than what I wanted. ITM believes in valuing your dreams and also helps you achieve them. I have been supported at every step of my career in these two years in developing my personality and boosting my confidence. Mentoring is what you need when you are at that stage in life where everything seems interesting and you are bursting with ideas. This is when you need the proper guidance, and my mentor, Dr. Sarita Iyer at ITM played the most significant role in molding my decisions, be it personal or academic issues. Mentors have been with us since day one, at every stage in our success and failure, boosting us to achieve the impossible. Professors here are very friendly and help you grow into a more mature human.

“Ask and you shall receive” are some of the mottos followed at ITM, all you have to do is ask for an opportunity to unleash your talent into the huge sea of opportunities. Every opportunity thus encouragingly handed over to you by every mentor and professor at ITM B-school. Last but not the least, ITM is not just a business school, it is a business school with a soul. ITM Bangalore is truly THE B-school where dreams become reality.