Niharika Goswami
7 March 2016 - 14:04, by , in , Comments off

The ITM Group of Institutions’ International Business program provides with insights into the increasingly ecumenical economic and business encompassments, indomitably encouraging management aspirants to accomplish an overseas study and internship opportunity, particularly for the benefit of those who look forward to working abroad. From the logistics of international trade and cross-border investments to the cultural and ethical issues inoculated in the praxis of business around the globe, international business is where one gets the knack of world cultures, approaching issues from various frames of reference. Such expertise is considerably valuable to organizations looking at opening and integrating multiple markets, achieving coherence and co-equality in progressively diverse workforces. A ten-week study tour at the esteemed institutes of ESSCA Hungary and EM Normandy in France gives away a pragmatic assortment of doing business overseas supported by a myriad of industry visits across the countries, together with a session at the European Union Headquarters in Belgium, enabling students to comprehend world relations. ITM’s international business students are prepared for challenges across the public, private, and non-profit sectors in business, government, and international agencies, even facilitating them to pursue higher studies in areas such as law or public policy where a robust knowledge of international business is extremely propitious. Touching on propositions across an extensity of business domains, from finance and marketing to management and accounting, international business replenishes a detailed perception of the widespread business practices across the realms of the whole caboodle of banking and financial services, e-business, shipping and logistics to research and consulting.