Prof. N. Raghuraman
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Professions achievement
N Raghuraman, a post graduate from Mumbai university and IIT (SoM) Mumbai alumnus, seasoned journalist with an experience of more than 30 years in leading national dailies like the Indian express, Hindustan Times, Business and Political Observer, Blitz, Dainik Bhaskar and DNA.

With his penchant for strong and minute observation he could grow in the ladder of editorial board in such a speed—from a cub reporter to the Editor of leading dailies—and became the youngest editor of Indian Express at the age of 33. During the 30-years of his cherished career, he covered most of the industries from Railways, pharmaceuticals to petroleum and developed in-depth knowledge in each of these areas.

He started as a railway correspondent and grew up to cover railway budget in Parliament. He was the first journalist in India in 1991 to start writing a column called “Deccan Queen” in the then newspaper called “The Daily” and few of his strong followers includes the then DRM A Ramji of Central Railway and the then GM E Sridharan, known as India’s Metro Man.

Even today, he is the leading consultant of Mumbai metro and trains almost all 700 people (currently on board and it was earlier over 1500). Since 2015 he is running a yearly program for their employees called Garv (pride) which moved on to the next year called “walking on the path of excellence” and then now to another program called “Taking Ownership”. These programs have undoubtedly became the instrument to make the employees multi skilled and challenge them to take new responsibilities with technology taking over most of the mundane job that were done earlier with human hands.

At the age of 52, he decided to hang his boots from active journalism and decided to write books and diversify into training the next generation to leadership roles. In four years not only he finished 30 books to his credit but he partnered with over a dozen leading organisations to accurately assess and recruit senior executive teams, providing insights needed to ensure the right executives are in the right roles and offer developmental recommendations to make sure that future leaders are prepared for the challenges ahead.

Since Journalism was giving him access and insights to the changing world, he kept writing on a daily basis with two chosen national dailies. His immensely popular daily column “Management Funda” in all 65 editions of Dainik Bhaskar in all three languages with 3.4 crore readers has captured the fancy of nation. It will be an understatement to say that this is the only column in the country to get printed for all 365 days for close to 15 years.

The success of the column lies in stringing together diverse tales of ordinary people with extraordinary feats, in delineating the simplicity of life where indeed it’s core values are ensconced.

Being endowed with deep industry and country knowledge he is associated with many pan India organisation and institutions in addressing their business pain areas and also advises them on strategic shifts and reorganisation. His strength actually lies in identifying the core competency of each senior most talent attached with these companies and help them to mitigate leadership failures within organisations and also doing a due diligence while hiring people at leadership level.

Raghuraman is also an amazing motivational and inspirational speaker, just as he is an accomplished master of ceremonies and moderator of public debates. His invigorating techniques to maximise mental power and bring the focus on optimum utility of one’s potential has been greatly admired.

His assessment approach provides accurate and objective information about the key players’ strength and weaknesses that enable organisations to make thoughtful, informed leadership decisions. These insights can point to developmental needs for individual executives, reveal opportunity to improve executive team effectiveness and help make distinction between Cxo finalist candidates. Many organisations have benefitted in creating a blue print of career path from his leadership programs—on and off site—which brings out the untapped latent talent.