Lubina M. Thali
7 March 2016 - 13:16, by , in , Comments off

The internship experience at Karvy Stock Broking Limited was excellent and the corporate culture was helpful and informative in nature. With this internship we had an opportunity to implement and experienced what we had learnt at business courses in ITM Business School, Dombivli. This internship also helped us to build relationships with employees who have been successful in their careers at Karvy and were focused to strive for growth and progress of organization. One of the best parts of internship programme was being able to easily gel with employees and managers within the company and have day to day interaction with them. The internship at Karvy helped us to get familiar with stock market & functioning of the same. Daily trading in stock market gave us an opportunity to get familiar with trading, creating profit, minimizing the losses and financial status of the companies. An awareness was created among interns regarding investment in equity and benefits of same. It also gave us an idea of when and how to invest in particular stocks to have maximum equity gains. All interns had an opportunity to attend get together, team building parties and team outings with employees including branch Manager which allowed us to develop a healthy and professional relation with them and also gave us an opportunity to share their past experience of their professional career. Last but not the least with this internship we interns have developed discipline and corporate ethics which will definitely help us in future to grow in our professional career.