Basavaraj Nagaraju
7 March 2016 - 14:22, by , in , Comments off

“For me personally registering for a MBA and ensuring I complete the course was not just another milestone to achieve, but a journey that I can enjoy being part of the environment which belonged to my batch mates, faculties and other specialists. And after completing this journey, I can very proudly claim the journey has be the most pleasant and enriching moments of my life(maybe because I was more matured now and had a big urge to absorb good amount of tactical data). At ITM, the best part of our experience was to connect with everyone, be it batch mates or the faculties or the staff to seek the best outcome and them supporting instantly at all times. Since the learning here is more unstructured (which is the right way to learn at this age of the career), it opens up different dimension of thoughts (of course it is very important we have the keenness to unlearn and learn). And more than anything, I had the great support from family (who sacrificed their time with me on the weekends) and allowed me concentrate and dedicate my weekends at classes. So overall, I would say the journey was complete and the learning’s, thoughts, relationships would serve its purpose throughout life.”