Alluri Srikanth Reddy
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Process Analysis of Mild Steel Billet Manufacturing

In Sujana Universal Industries Limited first we had experience of operating a factory and everything related to it. The main objective was to find alternative means to increase the capacity of production and also study the reasons for break downs. We also came to know how the Steel billets are manufactured, why they are manufactured, where they are applicable. One of the most challenging tasks was to record all the production log data needed, as the company didn’t give the past production data. Also, we couldn’t suggest them the scheduling of operations accurately as the plant is 24 hours running. To summarize my learning in the project:

  • The study was conducted under the guidance of qualified professionals.
  • Working at shop floor level helped me to achieve fruitful experience.
  • Obtained in-depth knowledge of manufacturing process of steel billets and also how end consumer products are manufactured from steel billets.
  • The knowledge which I gained in my graduation helped me practically.
  • The experience made me a better and more confident person.

The given below is an example of how the Internship Experience looks.

Consumers’ perception on the essentiality of Wi-Fi in Chennai City Company: O-Zone Networks Pvt. Ltd.

In ozone we had first experience of sales and everything related to it. The main task was to reach out to people and make them aware about the product (public Wi-Fi). The clients included all prospective corporate people who owned restaurants, cafes and malls. One of the most challenging tasks was to retain customer attention till the entire explanation about the product was done. To summarize my learning through Project:

  • Got hands – on experience of corporate work life.
  • Obtained in-depth knowledge on Sales process which is the heart of marketing and about the customers.
  • The experience gained during the internship has sharpened my marketing and negotiation skills and given me a great on the field experience.
  • The skill of communicating with the customers and different techniques of dealing with variety of customers was learnt with real time experience.
  • The experience made me a better and more confident person.
  • Ultimately it was not about just work, but fun and learning too as we got to meet many new people in various spheres of jobs and explored many new places.”