Testimonial from our alumni – Ms. Vrushali Deshpande
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Alumni : Ms. Vrushali Deshpande
Designation : Functional Head – Public Relations
Company : Jaguar Land Rover – India
Batch : 2007-09 GLC HR


With knowledge comes confidence and with confidence comes self-belief. I attribute my achievements to ITM Business School, Kharghar, where I learnt the rules and techniques of management. With professors engaging students in case studies and role plays, it did help me to face the crowd and give my opinion. It is fairly easier to be an executive, but it is indeed a challenge when you are a manager escalating to a leadership level. You have a team with different personalities and it becomes pertinent for a manager to maintain fine balance and harmony in the team, and yet bring out the best in them. It is important as a manager that you realise your team’s strength’s and weakness and re-align tasks taking into consideration their motivation levels.

Every time, I am in a catch 22 situation, I rewind my years and recall the techniques of organisational behaviour; every time, I am asked to work on a strategic plan, I recall all the projects I worked on as a student without depending entirely on Man’s best friend, ‘Google’. I would not have been able to create and implement processes at Audi India and Jaguar Land Rover India without the thorough organisational process training I went through at ITM. I would not think twice and reiterate that whatever I am today as a person, as a professional is because of ITM Business School, Kharghar.