Take Your Career To New Heights With Executive MBA Degree
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An Executive MBA programme is generally the part-time MBA program that targets a particular range of students. This programme is made for the medium-level and senior-level of corporate professionals who are looking to advance in their respective career and develop the new business skill. An executive MBA program was made to meet the different market requirements of the top senior managers, professionals, and people working in the higher management or assuming the higher-level of strategic roles.

The executive MBA course candidates are generally aged between 30 to 45, with an average work experience of 8 to 15 years, from which about 5 to 10 years is of managerial. While, in a typical part-time setup, the participants are much younger and have 5 years of business experience, and it’s not essential to have managerial experience.

However, there is an essential difference between an executive MBA and Part-time MBA course and it is money. Inarguably, return on investment in an absolute term of the executive MBA programme is higher than part-time MBA course. As an executive MBA program teaches the global management style, producing high merit leaders defining the global business processes as well as decision-makers at the global level, and ROI shows the real worth of this programme.

Choose the right career goals

If you actually aim to reach on the top, you must choose an executive MBA program. Because part-time MBA degree will be quite helpful when you plan to climb your career ladder at the current company or make the career change. But, if you are looking to switch your career direction, then Full-time executive MBA programme will be the best choice.

Thus, you have to know your desired career goal to choose the right MBA programme setup and it will help you choose the right field.