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Topic: Business Process Management

The seminar was conducted by Bombay Management Association NM Chapter along with Operations and SCM department, at ITM Kharghar campus on 12th Jan 2019. The speaker for the session was Ms. Duhita Dharwadkar, and the topic was Business Process management. Various Business Schools attended the seminar to name a few such as NMIMS and Evolve Business School


Introduction of Ms. Duhita Dharwadkar

Ms. Duhita Dharwadkar started her career as System Engineer at WIPRO Technologies in 2002. Now she is at Mondelēz International from 2015 till now as Business Process Manager. She is also a part of the Bombay Management Association. She has 15+ years of experience in India and overseas with a focus on Business Process Management, Corporate Governance, Organizational Excellence, Change Management and Quality Management implementation. Is a self-starter and believes in delivering business value in any of her engagement.


Seminar Report

The session started with a brief introduction. Ms. Duhita started her discussion with the concept of Business Processes Management and its importance. She covered the aspect of evolution in Process Management with the help of a practical example.

She explained as to how Business Process Management can help any company to improve on its design, strategy, and planning.

She introduced Business Process Categories. Generally, it is classified into three major categories e.g. Management process (like.  Develop vision and strategy, manage corporate affairs), Core Processes (Manage product lifecycle, Manufacture and deliver Processes), Enabling Processes (Manage information technology, Manage facilities).

She explained the components of business processes e.g., core components Supporting components, descriptive components. She gave a beautiful example of Business Process in a pizza company.  She also explained the process hierarchy, BPM Lifecycle, Process strategy, Process monitoring, Process improvement and innovation.


The process hierarchy is a hierarchical decomposition from strategic business processes to the procedure/ task level processes.


Level 1: Enterprise Process / Business area

Level 2: Process Group

Level 3: Business processes

Level 4: Sub-processes

Level 5: Process Steps

Level 6: Procedures


Ms. Duhita gave lots of examples which the students could connect easily. She also explained about the job profile of a Business Process Manager and the competencies for this post.

The session was very interactive, and students were happy to learn the details about the Business Process how to drive a process towards proper way without fail.