Role of Financial Analyst in Current Scenario
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The IT & Analytics Department of ITM Kharghar organized a lecture on “Role of Financial Analyst in current scenario” on 29th December 2018. The Speaker for the session was “Mr. Samarth Shah, Investment Banking Analyst, BOB Capital Markets.

The Session started with how to expect good returns in investing which was followed with further description on Structure of Investment Banks which includes Banking division, Asset management, Sales and Trading, Research.
To give an exact work scenario of financial analyst he gave brief idea about how business deals in investment banks take place.

Enlightening students perspective for future career planning and opportunities in Fintech Industries, career options were talked and path to bridge the gap between IT analyst to Financial Analyst was briefed.

The last part of the session concluded with the question and answer series which made session more interactive.
The overall session emphasized on the fact that Research work, understanding of Financial modelling, Using Analysis on Financial Statements, Attitude, Passion towards work, working with numbers, Strategic planning capabilities and perceptions play a key role in being financial analyst and thereby influences the success we achieve.
The overall session was very well received by the participants.