Research Initiative :

ITM – Center for Supply Chain and Logistics Research (CSCLR) is an initiative by ITM faculty from Operations stream with interest in design, operations and economics of supply chain and research thereof. The Center has following objectives:

To provide a research platform to academicians and industry practitioners.

To provide a forum for discussion and dissemination of ideas through publications.

To organize regularly seminars, workshops, colloquiums and conferences.

To collaborate with industry sponsored projects and faculty consulting.

To enhance educational programs and industry outreach through short term courses

CSCLR will leverage the knowledge gained from research to provide comprehensive consulting services to help organizations move with confidence into new supply chain environment.

The mission of CSCLR is to encourage the research in Supply Chain and Logistics Management amongst academicians and industry practitioners and integration of research into certificate and graduate programs in Supply Chain and Logistics Management.

Activities :

Organizing annually ‘Supply Chain Colloquium’.

Publishing research papers.

Releasing quarterly journal – ‘Supply Chain Pulse’.

Conduct Management Development Programs.

Undertaking consultancy projects.

Certificate Program in Logistics and Supply Chain Management.

Research and Publication :

Supply Chain Pulse

(Quarterly Research Journal)