Report on Guest Lecture for IB juniors (2017-19) held on 2nd August
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Guest Speaker : Mr Chintan Oza, Senior Principal-Programme Management –

TATA Communications, Mumbai.

Operations in a Digital World -The Road Ahead” – a brief presentation on new technologies on the horizon…

It is said that ‘ The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step ‘ .

As part of Operations Course , IB students(2017-19) got a glimpse of the corporate world that they aspire to enter during the guest lecture by Mr Chintan Oza, Senior Principal- Programme Management, TATA Communications, Mumbai, held on 2nd August.

By profession, Chintan Oza is a telecom program manager while by passion he is a technology program management evangelist.

During the guest lecture , Mr Chintan Oza made a presentation on new technologies on the horizon…with special focus on the fast emerging Technology of Virtual Reality(VR) and its applications in industry, business and Operations.

Virtual Reality (VR) is a way of using technology to create environments designed for interaction between physical & digital world. This environment is, of course, different than our physical environment and at times it also merges physical environment with digital environment/objects in the digital world. At times, VR is also referred as gateway to digital world. Virtual reality creates an immersive experience by allowing the user to create and replicate any environment for simulated interactions and computing. In 2017, Virtual Reality (VR) has been one of the top 10 technologies to watch for. With the rise of consumer grade VR technology, we have entered an era where we would be consuming multiple flavors of this technology. There are 3 popular variants of this technology namely Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), Mixed Reality (MR). Chintan has coined the term “xR” to refer all types of VR, AR & MR together.

Given below are the applications being pursued by various Tech companies and start-ups in India and abroad.

Prof B.V.R.Murty.
HOD – Operations & SCM.