Press Release – Blood donation drive 6th July 2018
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Centre for Social Initiatives of ITM Business School, Kharghar in association with Rotary clubs of Rotary District 3131 and 3142 organized a blood donation and thalassaemia minor screening camp on 6th July 2018. The objective of the camp was to propagate the significance of blood donation in saving lives, and to generate awareness about the need to prevent thalassaemia major. The resource pool of students and faculty members offer a strong count for blood donation. The blood bank partners for this year were Sadguru Charitable Blood Bank.

The donors were scrutinized before the blood donation to ensure that the blood was collected from healthy donors. All the samples collected were tested for Thalassemia Minor as well.  Certificates and small token of appreciation were issued to the donors by the blood bank medical officer at the camp site itself.  The facility of thalassaemia minor screening was also offered to those who could not donate blood. Mr, Clement Praving from Marrow Donor Registry India also conducted an awareness drive and motivated 236 students to register for Bone Marrow donation.

Mr. Jitendra Jadhwani of Rotary Club of Millennium City Navi Mumbai informed that Thalassaemia Major is a genetic blood disorder which necessitates lifelong blood transfusions for survival. The child is born with Thalassaemia Major only if both parents are Thalassaemia Minor. The ignorance of the parents of being Thalassaemia Minor is responsible for the tragedy of Thalassaemia Major. The subject of Thalassaemia Major is therefore very important for all youngsters.

Alongside, an awareness session was also conducted on Organ Donation by Dr. Sagar Gundewar from Rotary Club of Kharghar Midtown wherein it was explained to all that an online pledge (attempt to Guiness Book of World Records) has been created and people can sign up through on 9th of Aug 2018 IST 11am-7pm for donation of any body parts.

By organizing the Camp, the Centre for Social Initiatives has ensured availability of blood to thalassaemic children, and at the same time prevented the tragedy from happening in the lives of those tested. Overall during the day long camp 201 units of blood was collected. Speaking on the occasion Dr. Lakshmi Mohan, Campus Head- express gratitude to the donors who came forward and help those in need. She also thanked Rtn, Cmdr Rajiv Gupta, President Rotary Club of Navi Mumbai Bayside, Rtn. Dr. Sagar Gundewar, President of Rotary Club of Kharghar Midtown, Rtn Vinay Adapa, President of Rotary Club of Millennium City, Navi Mumbai, Rtn Swati Shirolkar, President Inner Wheel Club of Navi Mumbai Sunrise and Rtn. Prakash Kakade, President, Rotary Club of Navi Mumbai, Sunrise for eternal partnership and providing the monetary support to organize the camp.

Akhil Laddha and Ranjeet Singh, student volunteers added that youth awareness on such issues is largely required to build a better India.