Post Graduate Diploma: Things to remember when considering PGDM
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8 May 2019 - 14:52, by , in PGDM, Comments off

It is quite clear that PGDM appears to be a better option than an MBA. In the current jobs market, it’s highly advisable to do industry-driven programs instead of getting stuck in theoretical courses like MBA. Students who are inclined towards pursuing Ph.D. after their post-graduation mus be inclined to MBA, however the same can’t be said for the PGDM graduates. But, students who are planning to pursue post graduate diploma courses must consider following before they take the admissions

AICTE approval
Doing any program without AICTE approval is deemed worthless in India. Whereas the top colleges do not need any introduction, and the same cannot be said about colleges that are providing PGDM courses. It’s important that the college providing post graduate diploma has got AICTE approval.

Teaching methodology
The best feature of doing the post graduate diploma course is to learn the inner-workings of the business administration. Such details can be learned only if the college has the perfect teaching methodology.

Suppose faculty members have got optimum industry experience, then taking up the postgraduate course is totally worth it. And this is because getting knowledge from the industry experts is one important part of the post graduate diploma course. Instead of focusing on the theoretical management, the graduates are taught important needs of working in the high octane corporate environment.

College Perception
As it is a case with each profession, perception of a college that student selects plays an important role. Doing MBA from the renowned college or university is considered much better than the post graduate diploma from the lesser-known college, regardless of the factors like teaching methodology and faculty.

In today’s jobs market, there’s an indisputable clamor for the students graduating from the top colleges, particularly amongst the management graduates.