What is a Post Graduate Diploma Course and How Does It Help Your Career?
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Career can change the way we live. As the competition increases and more people aspire to get white collared jobs, the demand for higher degrees is also on the rise. Most candidates pursue post graduate diploma courses after completing their degree in order to get an edge over the rest of the candidates. So, here we wish to answer what is pg diploma course and how it is going to help your career.

Post Graduate Diploma Courses

After a candidate completes his graduation, he may consider pursuing a post-graduation course for many different reasons. Sometimes candidates make this choice with a desire to switch field or specialise in a certain field. A post graduate diploma holds a greater value if pursued from a reliable and trustworthy college or institute. ITM Institute has been providing executive MBAs and post graduate diploma courses in different cities to help candidates acquire their career goals.

The PGDM at ITM Institute

The ITM Institute has come up with different post graduate diploma courses in management so that candidates can choose their specialisation in their own city. Here are the different specialisations available in PGDM iConnect:

International Business

The ITMM Institute understands the need for direct exposure to international business so that students get a clear picture about it. That is why the PGDM for International Business that is provided by Navi Mumbai Campus since the year 2002 also includes an International Study Tour. The 10 week Global Study Term provides students direct exposure to the business held in European Union.

Retail Management

This course at the ITM Institute uses a completely student centric approach to ensure students grasp the essence of the retail management industry. The institute offers a thorough training that is a prerequisite for a candidate to survive in the fast-paced retail industry.

Human Resource Management

As the employment industry grows, the significance of human resource management also increases. A post-graduate diploma course in human resource management helps you get updated information about managing workforce through different strategies and tricks. The knowledge also helps you increase the team productivity.

Financial Markets

As the competition grows, money management plays a crucial role. A post graduate diploma in financial markets can help you understand the working of financial markets. It will help you make the right industry related decisions and become the right leader.