Pointers on Part-Time PGDM Course
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4 April 2019 - 11:48, by , in PGDM, Comments off

If you are considering going for post graduation diploma courses (PGDM) or another part-time program then there are various factors you need to look out for.

Program efficiently:
All post graduation diploma courses involve managing racing priorities, but it is an even more valuable skill for part-time candidates. You are expected to be switching between mindsets & travelling constantly between home, university and work. Solve out ways to conserve time, like coordinating group project meet-ups before or after class & reserving books which you could pick up at the library once you are nearby.

I also advise thinking about when and how you work better. For instance, while working on the essays, I love to write in the morning time and read and edit in the afternoon time.

State boundaries:
Setting a clear divide between professional/paid work & university work is not always apparent so I find it convenient to separate my assignments. It could be good to concede a degree of elasticity though.

Develop relationships:
It could be harder to build relationships with tutors and other post graduation diploma students when you need to head directly from work to class or fit in a productive time at the library. Spare time to socialise with the classmates, even if that only means a prompt cup of tea or lunch in the campus.

Look forward:

It could be beneficial to think forward. As a part-time post graduation diploma (PGDM) student, you could quiz your full-time colleagues about the modules you can take in near years. You would also get to see them go through exposition process & hopefully serve from their practices.

Even so, withdraw planning too far in advance. Try to acknowledge having more time to explore the interests & gain supplementary experience.