PGDM – A Way forward for Career Aspirants
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10 June 2017 - 15:14, by , in PGDM, Comments off

By Dr Lakshmi Mohan, Campus head, ITM Business School, Navi Mumbai

The uniqueness of PGDM offered by ITM Business School is the “I connect concept”. The Post

Graduate Management Program’s “Industry connect” brings you close to corporate world through

its exceptional five months’ industry internship. Mentors from industry nourish the young minds and

gently push the budding leaders into challenges of the corporate world. Industry-related projects

and case studies broaden the thinking you require for corporate readiness. PGDM’s “Individual

connect” is the way you are connected to every Professor who understands your strengths and

guides you to climb up the career ladder. “Insight connect” is where you delve deeper to crystallise

your innate strengths through various personality development courses wrapped in the PGDM


You got to stand out in the crowd to be noticed and this can be only through a holistic approach to

education which PGDM offers. The various business functions that one is exposed sets you to be a

player in the corporate. For many organisations, youth combined with the winning streak, dare-devil

spirit, confidence and positive attitude are traits they seek. All these characteristics are bundled up

in todays’ Management graduates.

The PGDM I Connect Program is built with a clear purpose. Every activity of the B School is linked to

the development of future business leaders. Apart from a hang of all the business jargons, you can

opt for specialising in the area you wish to make your career in. Opting for specialisation makes you

suitable for a specific area or department and you can carve a niche in that domain.

“How do we choose the specialisation?” is the most common query I have from various students. It

is always good to know the depth of the water before you dive into the pool. The same goes with

your choice of specialisation. One must read plenty of available literature on the content and

weightage these specialisations carry. It is also important to know the role you would play on

completion of MBA or PGDM in respective specialisations like HR, Marketing, Retail, Supply Chain

and Logistics, Financial Markets and so on. Many B Schools or MBA /PGDM Programs have the first

semester common, so while you are introduced to various business domains, you can plan your

specialisation with greater understanding. But for those programs that include specialisation from

inception of the semester will demand you to be assertive on your preference of specialisation. This

calls for advice from industry experts and meeting counsellors for guidance. This requires you to

read books and browse online wisdom that throws light on job role and career prospects for your

choice of specialisation.

I reiterate, “PGDM is a way forward for Career Aspirants” because there has been a rush of

companies on ITM Campus to pick up suitable Post Graduates in Management. Companies vouch on

selecting B School pass outs for their energy, fresh thinking, enthusiasm and they feel they can bring

newness to the organisation. While the same organisation has laid off thousand employees, I see

them on campus in quest for recruiting young vibrant PGDM students. What can be a stronger proof

than this to say that PGDM graduates are sought after by corporates today!!!