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A three-day certification course of Lean Six Sigma Green Belt was organized for Operations and Supply chain management 2017-2019 batch from 11th January’2018 to 13th January’2018. The workshop was conducted by Mr. LS Kannan from CSense Management Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Before the workshop a guest session was organized on 8th of January 2018 on “The overview and importance of Lean Six Sigma Green Belt” which helped us to understand the importance of this course and the basic structure of the course. 27 students of PGDM -Operations & SCM and 2 students of PGDM – HR have attended this program.

CSense Management Solutions is an organization which believes that every person, process and business can be improved. The organization offers various courses like Lean Six Sigma, Lean Manufacturing to those in need and also provides with solutions to various organizations in order to improve their processes. Talking about the course, Lean Six Sigma is a combination of Lean and Six Sigma. Lean helps in creating greater value for customers by minimizing wastes and Six Sigma reduces the defects by effectively solving problems. When an organization works at six sigma level, the defects are as low as 3.4 parts per million. This shows us the importance of this course as it helps in cutting down costs and also reducing wastes which is one of the major problems in today’s world.

The first day started with a brief introduction about the course and the history and evolution of Lean Six Sigma. Followed by this was given the outline of the course. There are 5 basic phases in Six Sigma as define, measure, analyze, improve and control. On this day the define phase was discussed in the class and the various steps and methods used in this phase like 5W2H, SIPOC, etc. Also, how the Project Charter is made was discussed. Also, Kano Model was taught which helped us in identifying the projects that come under green belt. Towards the end of the day an activity was conducted which showed us the scenario of an organization.

On the second day the Measure Phase was discussed. This phase is basically the conversion of practical problem into a statistical one. This helps in understanding what all are the factors which are causing the problem and which are the most dominant ones. This covered a brief of statistics and how one can understand the data easily using time series, Control charts and other tools. Also, practical exercise of the same was done on the application “Minitab” which was provided by CSense.

On the final day, Analyze and Improve Phases were discussed. Analyze phase shows us the main reasons for the poor capability of any process. It includes various methods like Root Cause Analysis, Why-Why- Analysis, etc. and also talks about how to prioritize the root cause. Moving forward to the Improve Phase, it talks about various methods which can be used to improve the process like 6R2I, 5S, TRIS depending on the root causes identified. The statistical analysis was practiced using Minitab software. Towards the end of the day the same activity was conducted applying the methods of Lean Six Sigma and the results were astonishing.