My personal experience of Executive MBA institutes in Mumbai
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Mumbai, also known as a the financial capital of India, is among the top most places for pursuing higher education because of their surrounding wealth and financial knowledge. Since I had been looking to enrol for financial program I was satisfied to know that I am living in a city that has primary businesses based on finance.

The first step to choosing the right Executive MBA institutes in Mumbai was to hunt down the best colleges that offer this type of course. Like any other person my mission to get enrolled in the best Executive MBA institutes in Mumbai began with the internet. I searched which where the top colleges for financial programs in for EMBA. Then I looked up business magazines which listed out names of the top colleges along with their eligibility criteria. The main agenda was to gain admission in the best college possible for the program I wanted to pursue.

Difficulties faced while searching for an ideal Executive MBA institutes in Mumbai

My journey to finding the best financial programs that were offered for working professionals began smoothly but moving forward I faced a lot of difficulties so if you are looking at the same you may also face the same troubles:

  • Visiting campuses and understanding the curriculum was the main trouble that I faced because my short listed colleges were located at different places and I wanted to get the feel of the campus before I enrolled for a course there. Only a few colleges had a proper counsellor to show me around the campus and answer my queries. Thus simplifying the process of selection for me. I had to travel a lot but in the end it was all worth the effort.
  • I had to call all the short listed Executive MBA institutes in Mumbai to know about their fee structure and the total fees that would be paid by me. Some colleges offered scholarships which was a boon in my case as I was ready to take up the test and qualify for the program. This encouraged me more to select the college that facilitated such provisions for professionals like me with meagre means and a family to support.
  • I had to enquire about the course and its scope from various counsellors of different colleges. Although I was confident that the financial sector was ever growing but I wanted to know whether learning specifically about the financial markets would be beneficial for me or learning about financial accounting in its entirety would be more fulfilling. I got valuable advice from colleges that provided an in house counsellor but some of the colleges did not have this facility.
  • When I visited the campus I also got to talk to present students and the placement assistance provided by colleges. This laid foundation to the actual scenario about the recruitment companies and the assistance provided by the college.

I got an understanding about the kind of culture that is followed in the institute and the kind of faculty that teaches n each of the colleges. I was glad I chose to conduct my own research while hunting for the best Executive MBA colleges.