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As a student of class 12th you must have realized the eminence of getting a high score and thereby getting admission into your favourite college with the subject of your choice. There are so many things that you can focus on when you are a student of a school however as we grow up our focus starts to shift more towards attaining a specialised form of learning rather than focus on a general curriculum.

If you focus on a single specialisation you would become an expert of that subject however there are colleges that offer dual degree programs for example you could take up PG diploma in management along with financial accounting which would help you make an ideal manager for financial manager!

Study in college of opportunities, enrol today in PG diploma in management!

There are a lot of colleges that give you an option to attain dual degree certification. One from their own autonomous body and one from the affiliated universities. As a student you would want to gain exposure to a lot of opportunities that relate to furthering your career. Excel at your work and gain vocational training from a college that is proficient in providing various types of practical and theoretical learning.

Concepts that are covered under PG diploma in management:

If you have taken up PG diploma in management you would get to learn about various types of activities which relate to different areas. As a student who has well-defined concepts you will excel at your career however if you are not clear about your basic concepts you would not be able to gain opportunities that meet and satisfy you. You may even face disappointment with the lack of opportunities. Thus, making you blame the college or the curriculum offered by them. In order to avoid this disaster you can enrol for a program that covers the following concepts and makes you adept at your profession:


  • Microeconomics and macroeconomics
  • Fundamentals of data analysis
  • Marketing and sales management
  • Human resource management
  • Business ethics and corporate social responsibility
  • Operation and supply chain management
  • Communication skill development
  • Business law and corporate finance


  • Case study or project making
  • Internship opportunity for at least 3 months
  • Industrial visits
  • Consumer research techniques

This type of curriculum ensures that you learn all about vocational aspects of jobs that may interest you in the management sector and the theories that will make you proficient as a manager. While a lot of the theories can practically be applied during planning, forecasting, implementing and marketing which is indeed a very good option that will help you discover more about what types of plans need to be initiated and how to control your expenses.

As a manager you would be expected to carry on duties that relate to different areas. You cannot say that the education did not cover this particular subject and be done away with it. As a manager you would be expected to know about every vertical and if you don’t have the knowledge then you would be expected to get training about the particular subject.