So you have completed your graduation and are now grappling with the most common question after graduation - what next? That usual dilemma is there. Whether you should go for a master's course or get into a job straight away. But at the same time you don't want your career progression to move at a snail's speed. You want to start with an advantage. And you have seriously thought about what you want to do in your career. But have you thought about what you don't want to do? Surprised by the question? Well, it is equally essential to know what type of job you don't want to do so that you don't get into a career that you actually don't like. You might not want a high-pressure job, tight deadlines, stiff targets, etc. And think of what are you comfortable with? Would you like to have a job that requires helping people, communicating with them? You love providing people with what they need to perform at their best. You are looking for a career that has a robust job market, right growth opportunities, and maybe flexible working hours too.

If all these things are in your "wants" list as far as your career is concerned, then a career in human resources is just the right fit for you or if we put it the other way around, you are just made for human resources or HR job and you must go for any of the MBA HR courses.  With a simple graduation, you may not reach very far. So you need to opt for a master's degree. And what better than choosing one of the MBA HR courses? When you decide to pursue an MBA course, you get to choose from the various streams available. But you have to consider what suits you the best. And if you are clear in your mind that you want to pursue any of the MBA courses in HR, then it would become easier and time saving for you. A job in human resources or HR is challenging and rewarding as well as growth-oriented. 

Apart from the reasons discussed above, just have a look at some more reasons that will assure you that an MBA in HR just right for you.


People can easily approach you and talk to you. You put others at ease immediately by your friendly demeanor. People feel comfortable talking to you. This is what you need to for a great HR career - approachability. Building trust with employees, colleagues, and management is the key to being a successful HR person. So if you have this quality, go for one of the MBA HR courses.

You love spending time with others and never miss an opportunity to do so. You are good at making connections and enjoy it. An HR job is basically about talking to people and helping them to do their best. MBA HR courses help you in preparing for that. It is a very important aspect of the HR function to understand what motivates people to do better. And the best way to do that is by spending time with them and talking to them.

An HR person is a go-to person for many complex problems in any organization. It is a challenging career and if you like challenges and solving problems, this is for you. MBA HR courses will enhance your problem-solving skills. And once you are ready, you will love the new role. You would be required to handle some really difficult and serious situations like harassment, indiscipline, management staff relationship. Such tasks add variety to the job and you find that every day is a new day for you and you will learn something new each day. Exciting, isn't it? 

If decision-making is your forte and you are a quick thinker, HR is the career for you. A sound decision-making ability is the most sought after quality of an HR person. What you learn about decision-making in MBA HR courses will keep you in good stead. As an HR professional, you would be constantly required to make decisions. From whom to hire to salary negotiations and fixation. From what action to take for an act of indiscipline to employee welfare schemes, you have to make decisions every day.

If you are able to relate with most or all of the qualities listed above, then you are ready to take up human resources as a career and to give it a kickstart, you must join one of the MBA HR courses.


The MBA in HR program of ITM Group of Institutions is approved by AICTE. The program is designed with an aim to develop skills, attitudes, and knowledge in students so that they can make a progressive career in the exciting field of human resources. Among many MBA HR courses, this course provides insight into both the theoretical as well as practical aspects of HR management and projects that align with your goals.