What is Architectural Engineering?

Making a career option is the most challenging task of student life. You have to choose a career after taking into consideration factors such as the scope of the job, career growth opportunities, the rate of growth in employment opportunities, the average salary and your skills and aptitude. 

Majority of the engineering and commerce students opt for management courses as they offer good employment opportunities and growth prospects. There are many specializations in these courses such as Finance, marketing, HR, International Business and so on. However, marketing specialization has more demand when compared to others as it is important in every sector irrespective of the size of the company. Reputed B schools in India such as ITM offer PGDM in Marketing Management.



Some Career Options for Professionals with PGDM in Marketing Management


  • Sales Manager

Sales managers are responsible to improve the sales of a product/service. The area of operations of a Sales manager includes directing sales teams, establishing and managing distribution centres, and achieving the targets in allotted zones. The average salary at entry-level ranges from 4 to 6 lakhs and can peek up to 12 lakhs based on experience, position and achievements.

  • Marketing managers

They take care of creating strategies to improve brand awareness and recall value among consumers. They are also responsible for getting the products into the market at the right time. The average entry-level salary in this profession is Rs.5 lakhs, which increases gradually depending on performance and experience. 

  • Business Development manager

Business Development Managers look after the strategies for penetrating into new markets and improving sales. They conduct market and competitor research and devise the right strategies to promote products/services in new markets. The average salary of entry-level Business Development manager is Rs.5 to 6 lakhs. 

  • Market research analyst

Professionals with a PG diploma in Marketing Management can also choose market research as a career. As a research analyst, you will collect data about product sales, feedback on marketing strategies, reviews on the product and the gap between the needs of clients and the products available in the market. Your research data will be used by the decision-makers for framing new strategies and designing or improving products. You can work as a market research analyst for large companies or act as a private consultant to SMEs.

  • Retail Marketing

A career in retail is the most challenging and rewarding. A retail manager is responsible for the day-to-day operations of a retail store or a mall. They take care of responsibilities such as customer service, supply-chain management, inventory management, merchandising, sales management and so on. 

Pursuing a PGDM in Marketing Management adds value to your resume and opens doors to many interesting and high-paying career opportunities.