6 Qualities Required To Be a Successful Human Resources Professional

While everybody, who completes the certification courses for hr professionals can enter the HR department. You need certain specific character traits to stand out and make a mark for yourself. 

6 Key Character Traits of a Good Hr Professional

  • Subject Matter Expertise in Human Resource Management

HR professionals have to deal with many issues in the course of their workday. The issues may vary from simple ones such as handling the leave requests of the employees to complex ones as resolving an issue of sexual harassment or pending disputes between management and employees. Hence having a strong subject matter expertise in HR is the core requirement for an accomplished HR manager. Apart from subject matter expertise, the HR professional should be well versed with all the labour laws and other prevailing laws that deal with employees and business management. Aspirants for a career in HR can build the subject foundation by enlisting for executive hr certification courses for working professionals. 

  • Exceptional Communication Skills

One of the key function of an HR professional is to be a channel of communication between the employees and the management. He has to facilitate a smooth and uninterrupted flow of communication between these two important stakeholders of a business entity. Human Resources managers should possess good written and verbal communication skills. They should be able to convey the message in a clear, crisp and easy to understand manner. A successful HR manager has the capability to listen to people carefully and understand their requirements with the help of both verbal communication and visual cues. 

  • Time Management Skills

While every profession requires time management skills, it is a key trait for Human Resources professionals. The working hours of the HR department are very hectic since they have to deal with a host of issue ranging from job interviews, employee training, helping the management in framing policies, performance appraisal and so on. People are unpredictable and challenges may crop up any time that requires the immediate attention of the HR manager. In such a scenario, a successful Human Resources manager should know how to handle the challenges in a smart and time-bound manner. He has to ensure that the routine tasks are also completed in time along with sorting out the unexpected challenges from time-to-time.

  • Empathy and Trustworthiness

These are the primary traits required for a person who wants to make a career in the field of HRM. Listening to people and solving their grievances is one of the key job roles of an HR professional. The HR manager should make the employees feel secure that their personal grievances and other details they provide will be kept confidential. If the employees do not have trust in the HR professional, they may shy away from discussing any issues. Along with trustworthiness, an HR professional should also have empathy. He must be willing to listen to the employees without any prejudice. 

  • Excellent Problem Solving Skills

The job responsibilities of the Human Resources department are very demanding and tricky. They warrant the professionals to have an impartial and objective view. A successful HR manager should have the ability to make an impartial assessment of a situation based on the facts. He/she should be able to separate personal emotions and opinions and solve a given situation in an objective manner based on facts. HR professionals must also have the ability to make quick decisions under high pressure. While some people possess this trait naturally, you can also develop problem-solving skills by attending certification courses for hr professionals. These courses contain case studies and role-play as part of the curriculum, and help to develop decision-making capabilities. 

  • Ability to Coach and Mentor Others

No matter whether you work as an HR manager in a company or as a freelance HR professional, one of your main responsibilities is to train employees and mentor them. HR professionals must strive to keep the employees up-to-date with the latest developments and improve their skills in performing the job, in order to improve their productivity. Regular training and skill development not only benefits the organization but also boosts the morale of the employees and keeps them motivated. However, it is not everyone’s cup to tea to coach and mentor others. You must the aptitude to teach and guide others in the right direction and help them in developing their skills. 

While some qualities such as empathy, trustworthiness, etc. are to be cultivated personally, a majority of the qualities required by a good HR professional can be acquired by pursuing certification courses for hr professionals. These courses not only equip you with the required subject matter expertise to handle the diverse roles of an HR professional but also help you gain other skills such as decision-making, skill development, and performance management.