Wellness Centre Initiative Eat Better-Live Better

On the Occasion of “World Food Day” ITM Wellness Centre organized a webinar “Eat Better-Live Better” for the faculty, staff and students of ITM Business School.


"Your body is not a temple.

It's a home you'll live in forever.

Take care of it."

 - Colin Wright


The above quote was the takeaway from the webinar "Eat Better - Live Better" - a session on Conscious eating, conducted by @wellness.kriya , a Bangalore based health & wellness startup.

The session was conducted by Ms. Shruthi Sharma, wellness coach and Co-Founder of Wellness Kriya - Tejassu, for the Wellness Club of "Institute for Technology & Management, Navi Mumbai".

The session involved detailed lectures about the right food choices and healthy living habits. It educated and motivated the attendees to eat better and live better with the most natural lifestyle habits.