Transformational Change for Organizations

A guest session on “Transformational Change for Organizations” was conducted by the Business Analytics and Decision Science department which is Headed by Dr. Neena Nanda of ITM Business School. The speaker for the session was Mr. Nitin Kashyap who works as a Business Consultant.

Beginning his career in India, he moved to Australia in 2003, and over these 20+ years of experience, he has successfully led Business Analysis Practices, BPM Practices, Benefits Realisation management Practices for large transitional and transformational programs in government, Not-to-Profit, and private sectors organisations, such as DSDMIP (Department of State Development, Manufacturing, Infrastructure & Planning), Public Trustee of Queensland, Department of Transport and Main Roads (TMR), Sunsuper, RSL Care, Brisbane City Council.

The session was conducted online through Google meet were 26 participants participated which including 2019-21 batch and 2020-22 batch BA Batch students.

He explained about types of changes -Developmental, Transitional, Transformational. In these types, he emphasized transformational change and explained the practicality of that in today’s analytics world. Along with that he also explained that how to research and prescriptive analytics is used to analyze problems and find optimum solutions. The queries and confusions were cleared in a very clear and concise manner which was more than satisfactory. 

The session focused on discussing real-life analytical problems and how they can be tackled with various skills, knowledge, and practice. 

It was indeed an amazing interactive session that helped all the participants to understand the world of analytics and its functioning in a much clearer and better way.