You have just completed your school and now you are facing the big question - which course to take next? And this one does not have a readymade or quick answer. A lot of things have to be considered before zeroing on any one option. But the most important is your aptitude and your goal in life. Most of the people have the ultimate goal of attaining a top position in a big company or being owners of their own enterprise. But to achieve these goals, you need to have certain skills and knowledge. You must possess adequate knowledge about how businesses are run and managed. Whether you intend to take up a job after completing your studies or start your own business, you need a thorough understanding of the inside working of industries and have administrative skills. Every position in the industry needs some kind of administrative acumen. It is most essential for your career growth.

With economies opening up and companies setting shops in multiple countries, it is an era of multinational companies or MNCs. And these companies are always looking for people with adequate managerial and business knowledge. And most of you would think that you can't get that without doing an MBA. Let us tell you that the best way to start is to do a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) course. With graduation in business administration, you will gain sound business knowledge and will be in a position to be groomed for future managerial roles. More and more students are opting for a BBA degree nowadays. It will prepare you to immediately take up administrative responsibilities in any organization.


We can give you many good reasons for taking up a bachelor of business administration degree but we will focus on some of the best reasons.


 First and foremost, a BBA degree makes you ready to work in multiple functions. You can fit into any of the industrial disciplines that do not require any specific technical knowledge or skill. You can easily take up jobs in areas like sales, marketing, human resources, accounts, strategic management, planning, purchase, etc. And working in functions like strategic management, marketing, and sales will give you exposure to the market and you can choose to make a career in any of these fields. Plus it will give you a chance to work with higher management thus grooming you for a future leadership role. So you see it is a multiple career option.


 A very distinct advantage of opting for a bachelor of business administration degree is that it can be done from any country in the world. It has a universal appeal and most of the countries follow a similar syllabus for such courses. And when companies open branches in other countries, they have no difficulty in recognizing a BBA degree. This is one of the reasons companies are able to operate globally today and do business in multiple countries. A degree in business administration will get you a chance to work in any of these global companies.


 Getting a bachelor of business administration degree could be your stepping stone to an MBA. So if you are planning to go for a master's in management after graduation, BBA is the best graduation course to choose from. It will serve as a great foundation for pursuing an MBA course since an MBA is an extension of BBA. So it will be easier for you to study a master's course when you have already gained a basic knowledge of the course.


 Salary is a very important part of any job. And that would be one of the top criteria when you take up a job. With a bachelor of business administration degree you can get very good remuneration. If you have done a BBA course and have gained some experience then there is no limit to the salary you can command. Initially, also, companies look for fresh graduates to mold them as per their requirements and groom them for higher responsibilities in the future. A BBA degree will keep you in good stead for that.


 The Indian market is expanding at an accelerated rate. A lot of startups are coming up on the horizon and many bigger companies are expanding. They all look for people with comprehensive knowledge of business and operations practices. AS a person with a bachelor of business administration course under his belt, you would be at an advantage in grabbing these opportunities.  You could easily be a part of the core business or strategy team further brightening up your growth prospects.

So there is no need to think anymore. Given the advantages BBA has, you can safely choose it as your graduation course.


The ITM University at Raipur offers a bachelor of business administration course that provides a comprehensive theoretical, practical, and ethical knowledge of managing and running a business. The industry-focused curriculum is imparted by highly qualified academicians and industry experts. The course includes 5 months of internship and healthy placement assistance.