A career in finance is always considered a safe and lucrative career. There is no organization that does not need finance personnel. In fact, finance is the backbone of every organization. This is a very important job because fiance people are responsible for tracking the health of the company as well as managing it by way of planning and pointing out to the top leadership any deviations that may occur and suggesting solutions. Thus, finance is a very critical function of every organization. And finance people are always in demand. You can safely say that a career in finance will never go out of fashion.

If you are a finance person looking to give your career a boost or are a working professional who wants to change track to the finance field, then Executive Finance Courses are just right for you. A career in finance will offer you a wide range of options as the financial field has many sub-categories from which you can choose the field of your interest. And if you are passionate about pursuing a career in finance and possess the right skill set, then there is no way that you can't succeed.

Let's have a look at some of the top career options in finance in India:

CORPORATE FINANCE - This is one of the most important functions of any company. If you enjoy making budgets, enjoy managing the money, and are good with numbers, then this is the field for you. You will be required to find the capital for the company and manage it efficiently. At the same time, you would be expected to reduce financial risk. Some corporates give additional responsibility for mergers and acquisitions also. There is every scope of reaching the top position in finance in your company if you are handling corporate finance. And for that doing one of the Executive Finance Courses and getting a postgraduate qualification is very important and useful.

INVESTMENT BANKING - This is a field that requires raising capital for individuals and companies. Even governments avail the services of investment bankers to raise capital. This is supposed to be the most prestigious and glamorous career in finance. As an investment banker, you also assist in bringing investment opportunities. You act as a bridge between a company and its investors. You would be required to make decisions based on the trends found from data and numbers. This is the most lucrative job in terms of money but requires a lot of hard work. If you really wish to become an investment banker, Executive Finance Courses are your best bet to learn about it in a comprehensive manner.

PORTFOLIO MANAGEMENT - A career in portfolio management means you will be overseeing all the investment of a company. It could be your own company or client. You will be helping them to achieve their financial goals. This means you will be helping the company to make sound investment policy decisions. This is a senior position so companies prefer people who have done some kind of Executive Finance Programs. The most interesting part of the job is that you are required to find out company's strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.

FINANCIAL PLANNING - Do you love planning your finances? Are you really good at this? If yes, then this is the field for you. As the name itself suggests, a financial planner's job is to help individuals and companies to plan their finances. This involves giving them investment and saving advice. This helps them ensure future financial safety. This way, you will get to work on wealth preservation, investment growth, and tax planning for them. Doing one of the Executive Finance Courses could be your stepping stone to becoming a financial planner. As a financial planner, you will devise methods of investing and savings for your client or organization depending on their individual needs.

RISK MANAGEMENT -This is one area that is very critical to every organization. As a risk management professional, you will play a vital role in whichever organization you work. Your chief responsibility will be of curbing losses and minimizing investment risks. This can be done by market overview and recognizing an investment decision as good or bad. A person who has done any of the Executive Finance Courses is always a preferred choice of the companies for this position. A risk manager is supposed to predict future trends and accordingly come out with the probable cost to the organization.


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