With the ever-increasing usage of the internet, there is a vast change in the way people interact, buy, and sell. Companies are rearranging their marketing strategies to reach a wider audience. The traditional ways of marketing are giving way to newer technology-based marketing. New age marketing is more about using technology to achieve more in less time and with lesser physical effort. The conventional way of marketing professionals visiting clients and promoting their company's products is fast becoming a thing of the past. Marketing today, is more about meeting the people where they are most of the time, that is the internet. Marketing now is more about promotion through the digital medium.

And with more and more companies preferring marketing their products or services through the digital medium, there is an inherent demand for people who are up to date with the new age marketing techniques. And this is where a digital marketing program plays an important role for those seeking to build a career in digital marketing. A career in digital marketing is fast-paced and holds tremendous potential for advancement. Even if you don't have experience in this field, you can choose to build a career in it by opting to do a program digital marketing. Sooner or later, every business is bound to adopt digital marketing and the gap between demand and supply of people with knowledge of digital marketing will mean increased opportunities for those with formal skills in this field.

There is no gainsaying that digital marketing is the career of the future. Here are some very good reasons why you should go for digital marketing as a career.

Employers today, are looking more for people with marketing skills that may not be a formal part of any university degree. But if you have learned these skills in a specialized course like the digital program, you are already in an advantageous position. Since you would be trained to promote companies through various digital media like websites, social media, etc, you would be better equipped to design and handle such marketing campaigns and would hold a distinct edge over others in the job market.

From industry giants to startups, every company is looking for people with relevant digital marketing skills. And with such a wide range of opportunities out there, you have the option to pick up the best one available to you. You can decide on the type of company you want to work for. Some institutions offering a program in digital marketing even provide exciting placement opportunities. 

A report by digital glass technologies says that now four out of ten job openings call for digital marketing skills. According to the same report, the demand for digital marketing analytics grew by 152% between 2012 and 2017. This shows the great boom in the demand for digital marketing professionals. The proportion of companies spending on digital marketing is rising constantly. So a career in digital marketing is one of the most lucrative careers at this time.

The biggest advantage of opting for a career in digital marketing is that you are not confined to a particular industry. You can apply your knowledge and skills to any sector. Your skill set doesn't limit your job choices. On the contrary, it gives a much wider choice and you can fit in any industry as all types of industries are looking for digital marketers. And having done a digital marketing program is like an icing on the cake, as armed with a formal qualification in digital marketing, your demand is bound to rise in the industry.

With an ever-increasing demand for people with digital marketing skills, if you have formal training with a program in digital marketing, you get to command more price in the market. You are in a great position to negotiate. 

You get to be creative while working in digital marketing. This is a dynamic field, so there will always be a need for new ideas. And because the industry keeps on growing, there is always something new to learn. And since digital marketing is the need for every sector, you will get to learn about new sectors which will add to your knowledge and experience, which in turn, adds to your market value.


If you have made up your mind to take up digital marketing as your career or are considering it, doing a formal digital marketing program is your best bet to kickstart your career in this field. The Postgraduate Program in Digital Marketing Analytics at ITM is just the right course for learning the required skills. This course offered at Mumbai and Navi Mumbai is designed by industry experts and the institute provides smart placement assistance.