The Kidzania Visit

It’s an indoor education & entertainment theme park for families & kids; where kids are educated, inspired &empowered by real life experience through role play activities. It is a kid- sized replica of the real world. 

 It was a wonderful trip with lots of new learning and unique exposure for students, very well organized by the KidZania people. The students were given a special hand badge as an access to the KidZania world. They were first taken to the Inox theater of KidZania where the vision, mission, idea, values, essence, history, location, rights and the rules of the people working in the company were shown and discussed through a presentation. KidZania offers more than 100 activities. Each kid must first go to the airport establishment to get the ticket to le enter KidZania. The idea behind this is as KidZania is a nation for kids, kids need to board the flight to give them the actual feeling of landing in another nation. Post that they are given a cheque which they need to deposit in Yes bank and get cash from there. Some fun facts of KidZania was shared with students like the currency of KidZania is called Kidzos and they say Zanks for thanks.  

KidZania offers activities where kids can either spend or earn money. As soon as the money deposited from the bank gets over kids need to do work activities like become fire fighter, policeman, inventory manager of Big Bazar etc. The more they earn the more they will understand how to save money and how to take care of it which is very important to understand in real life as well. The industry partners of KidZania are Yes bank, Pizza Hut, Maruti Suzuki and many more. 

Students from ITM were divided in six groups and were assigned six volunteers from the company who took the students throughout their establishments and even give them the chance to do any three activities. 

Students showed great enthusiasm and active participation while doing the activities. At last they were addressed by Tarandeep Singh Sekhon, Marketing Director of the KidZania. He took a session of students for one and an hour where he talked about the sponsorships, promotional tools and techniques, selling skills (specifically focusing on ATL, BTL, Digital), marketing strategies, the evolvement of the company in all these years, their competitors and their competitive advantage strategies. The session ended with question answer round where students asked questions from him and he concluded by giving some valuable professional suggestions on future prospect. 

It was a great opportunity for students to see and feel how the different concepts of marketing is done. In the classroom where they used to get theoretical learning of the marketing concepts, here they got a chance to see how practically it is applicable in the industries. They explored the facilities in detail, gained experience and had fun at the same time. As a part of this visit the students also had to suggested improvisation for KidZania for creating a better brand experience to increase footfalls and for strengthening the brand.