The ‘EXPERT TALK’ series #17

CX – the entire story of customer journey with the brand!!

Session #17, the Expert Talk Series from the Department of Marketing, ITM Navi Mumbai, conducted on 17-09-2020, witnessed an energetic session from Mr. Gaurav Sharma, senior Customer Analytics Professional, FCT, Canada.  The speaker clearly explained with several real-time examples, the concept of Customer Experience which takes the center stage in all the touch points the marketer attempts to create.  He constructed an imaginary ambience where the students would be taking up recruitment interviews and elucidated how one could make a distinct difference by being a customer experience-centric employee.

Mr Gaurav threw extraordinary light on the interconnected terminologies; Involve, Engage and Enjoy which would ensure that half of the Marketer’s battle is won.  He demystified the tactics followed by the marketers to grab customer attention to get a share of their wallet effectively.  He further clarified that customer service was just one piece of puzzle, but the essence of holistic marketing lies in presenting unparalled Customer experience.  With a lengthy list of examples like Google Chrome, Big Basket, Ola and Amazon, he explained how integral is ensuring a memorable customer experience to safeguard unbroken value chain