The ‘EXPERT TALK’ series #15

The realty sector trends during and post COVID

Mr Yogesh Lala, CEO Regnum Group, in his exceptional address to the Marketing students, ITM Kharghar, spoke on the expected trends in the real estate industry which clarified many doubts of the students and nullified their negative perceptions about the sector’s uncertainty during and after COVID times.  During his address, he elucidated on the 4 major verticals of the sector; residential, commercial, industrial and vacant land.  The Speaker presented clear directions to the budding managers on the essential sales and marketing skills that the Management students need to possess to be successful in the highly competitive realty sector.  He also assured that the sluggishness witnessed in the industry was transitory and the sector would pick up again post COVID.  Mr Yogesh threw sufficient light upon the sequence of the activities undertaken by a developer before the property is launched for sale.  His lecture included the reasons as to why people started to demand lifestyle instead of just homes.  He concluded the session with the significant attributes to be successful in the sector which were articulation, presentation skill, negotiation, patience, persistence, pressure-handling and flexibility with changing times.  The session excited the students as the speaker gave a lot of confidence over the revival of the sector post COVID.  The brilliant queries of the students were efficiently handled by Mr Yogesh.