The ‘EXPERT TALK’ series #14

Becoming corporate-ready

Becoming ‘Corporate-ready’ is every student’s earnest attempt.  The corporate world, from time to time, has been assisting the aspiring managers to get over their fears and improve on their gaps.  It was Mr Manoj Gupta this time, who proved proximity does not matter if a leader wanted to guide the future-centric students.  Mr Manoj Gupta, MD & ExecComm Member at Qualitest, Greater London addressed around 106 students from across all the Marketing batches on 11-07-2020 on the vital factors leading to an employee’s contribution to the organization.  During his insightful session, he introduced many nuances related to the responsibilities an employee is expected to shoulder in an organization. He vividly explained about job responsibility, link responsibility and system responsibility, which he called the three key terms in anyone’s career. 

His elucidation on the concepts of Process vs Content was appreciated as it embraced all the significant aspects of company-involvement like communication, coordination, leadership and synergy.  He made it clear that one should take up optimal roles and anything less that would mean wastage of precious human resource.

He then went on to elucidate the significance to understand the wider perspective in an organizational setup which included voice of wealth, voice of customer, voice of technology and voice of employee.  The session ended with a few brilliant questions from the students which were perfectly handled by the speaker.