The ‘EXPERT TALK’ series #13

A glimpse into the FMCG sector in the COVID times

Abhishek Jamwal, an alumnus of ITM Business School, Navi Mumbai, shared Indian trade facts with respect to the population of India, which could be divided into the urban and rural areas by addressing the fact that even if the rural population was greater than urban still the latter majorly contributed to the sales in FMCG sector, because the urban population wished to spend on FMCG products more than the rural sector.  The speaker then gave a brief explanation of the distribution structure. FMCG brands reach consumers via 4 major sales channels. First, he talked about the MT and E-commerce sector which included direct, indirect selling and C&C. He also said that only direct MT and E-commerce channels interact directly with the shoppers. Similarly, he explained the direct channel and indirect channel which catered to the whole seller first and then to the retailer and finally the end shoppers.  He discussed about the selling process of a traditional Indian outlet, which is a cycle of the outlet visit, order collection, synch point, invoicing, dispatch and cash collection.

He added his views on sales stimulation and discussed about the selling process in an Indian traditional trade outlet during which he talked about the career in FMCG sales.  He explained as to how to go about and what options to look for in this area if one wanted to succeed. Starting from fast track programme or slow performance based, he said one could get into sales strategy and become a GTM manager or get into trade marketing and be a CTMM and further can be a HOTM. He also gave the basic understanding of salary and pay scale in FMCG as per different designations like rankers, ASM, GTM managers etc.

He continued talking about the key skills one must possess to grow reasonably fast in FMCG sales and marketing, where he addressed the importance of learning excel starting from basic excel formulae like number format, find/replace wrap etc to advanced formulae like v-lookup, format painter, pivot chart are really important to outshine as an employee

It was indeed a power-packed session with an insider’s views which were powerful enough to motivate us into the sector