The Department of Business Analytics and Decision Science, ITM Business School, Kharghar “Personal Branding Workshop”

In this session we learned about:

  • If we are known to the world only by our name, our profession/designation, our qualities, then we are existing only as commodities.
  • Brands are the value creators.
  • Brands are the category movers.
  • Brands are the game changers.
  • Brands are the path Breakers.
  • Each one of us already have a base to start with. There are a lot of people who know us. Many are there who carry an opinion, a story about us also they know our attributes and qualities through the success we show. Some people are tied to us through feelings of love fun friendship and the like they advise us they guide us and even trash and bash us.



  • Spend time knowing yourself
  • Identify a unique quality slash talent within you.
  • Car out a point of differentiation within your identified talent.
  • Now is the time to make noise about it. Noise that creates value.
  • Build up a story around you. Make people talk to you and about you.
  • Continuously improvise, evolve, expand in an endeavour  to hit the target.