The students of Business Analytics got the opportunity to have hands-on training for the most popular Data Visualisation Tool “Tableau”. The teaching was undertaken by Ms. Nikita Tandel who is well versed with the Data Visualisation Tools and having a healthy experience in the industry. Tableau is a visual analytics platform transforming the way we use data to solve problems—empowering people and organizations to make the most of their data. Tableau is the fastest-growing data visualization and data analytics tool that aims to help people see and understand data. In order to transform the way people, use data to solve problems, tableau software ensures to meet strict requirements. It was a simple drag and drop methodology and visualizations were carried out in the immersive environment of Tableau. We students got vigorous training time which helped to fortify our logic building and take a pragmatic and prudent approach towards our use of this tool in the field of analytics. With live doubt solving and colloquial discussions the atmosphere for these workshops was highly interactive which motivated the students to experiment with the platform. We started the sessions right from the basics of visualization which included data analytics and worked our way towards more advanced API. Real-world industry-specific datasets were also analyzed which further gauged our understanding of the usefulness of creating dashboards and meaningful stories from the given data.

The topics he has covered were

  • Intro to BI and Tableau
  • Tableau Manipulation
  • Dashboards and story
  • Understanding the tableau Interface
  • Advanced data modelling
  • Integration with external sources
  • Visualizations

Analytics is a constantly evolving field where we deal with large sets of unstructured data. The process requires transferring, analysing, manipulating, and visualizing the data. The versatile nature of Tableau Tool eases down the complexity of these steps and can be effectively used with large data sets.

Key Take away from the workshop:

  • Easy to learn Visualisation Tool
  • Different approaches towards one specific problem statement
  • Conventional and user-friendly nature
  • Efficient in dealing with large data sets
  • Widely used for decision-making process
  • Supports a great number of different file formats
  • Innovative and immersive which helps in effective visualizations and analysis.

The workshop consisted of both graded and practice assignments which contributed to the interactive data visualization. Healthy doubt solving sessions also had a positive impact on our understanding. Real-world datasets gave fruitful insights, to ask the right questions from the datasets and take different conventional and unconventional approach towards one problem.