Statistical Thinking using JMP

A guest session on “Statistical Thinking using JMP” was conducted by the Business Analytics and Decision Science department which is Headed by Dr. Neena Nanda of ITM Business School. The speaker for the session was Mr. Muralidhara Anandamurthy who is Academic Ambassador for Global Team of JMP.

Muralidhara Anandamurthy is part of the JMP Global Academic Team and Collaborates with Professors and Universities for Statistical and Analytical Excellence. He holds a B Tech from Bangalore University, MBA, and Ph.D. from Visvesvaraya Technological University. He has served more than 18 years in Analytics and Data Science Industry and worked for Genpact, Target, and Danske holding various leadership positions. He continues to learn and share in the area of Analytics, Data Science, and Statistical Thinking. He currently works as an Academic Ambassador for Global Team of JMP. 

The session was conducted online through Zoom meet where 32 participants participated which including 2019-21 batch and 2020-22 batch BA Batch students along with faculty Dr. Arpita Pandey, Dr. Neena Nanda, Dr. CA. Geetanjali Pinto, Dr. Sapna Modi, Dr. Shazia Khan, Reshma Jadhav.

He explained about Statistical Discovery for Management/Decision Science, Journey from data to Decision, Different algorithms used for making decisions (Machine learning, Natural Language Processing, Computer Vision, Forecasting, and Optimization), Leadership skills in the Data Science field, how analytics add value. And then gave a brief view of how JMP works through a Case study on the Prediction of House prices. He also explained how to approach a Problem/Opportunity. In JMP he explained how to treat missing values and outliers, How to do visualization, Descriptive statistics, Tests like t-test, ANOVA, chi-square test, Regression, Algorithms, Predictive Analytics, How to Interpret the output, How can we make changes in output, Model screening(builds all the models), How to generate Python, R or SQL code from JMP, How we should pick a model, JMP Pro & Statistical & Business Analytics, Sentiment Analysis, How can JMP be connected to a web page, How to create Dashboard, Where to get the tutorials and books. And then he concluded with Statistical Thinking for Industrial Problem Solving. The queries and confusions were cleared in a very clear and concise manner which was more than satisfactory.

The session focused on discussing a case study and how it can be tackled with a simple drag and drop in JMP. 

It was indeed an amazing interactive session that helped all the participants to understand what is a JMP and its functioning in a much clearer and better way.