Making a career in optometry

Making your career in optometry can be a life-changing decision for you. It is a course in the medical field which helps you to act as a medical professional in later phases of your life. Any student who has completed his class 12th with biology can make a career in optometry.

What is  Optometry?

Optometry is the field of healthcare in which a person measures eye vision of patients, help them by prescribing lenses to correct their vision problems, and treating many eye diseases. It is a very evolving career and the requirement of an optometrist is increasing at a very rapid rate in modern times.

Increasing demand of Optometry specialists.

As our world is becoming more and more digital with each passing day. We human beings are becoming more and more dependent on our laptops, mobiles, smart televisions, computer desktops, etc. As a result of this, we are facing screens every day and our eyes are becoming weak. As compared to the past the eye-related disorders are increasing very fastly and slowly are becoming a household phenomenon. Not even big adults but more than half of teenagers and young ones require a spectacle. This gives the clear indication of how important optometry is in todays time and the need for an optometrist in the future. The future in this field is going to be very lucrative and full of competition. This is the best time to do a course in optometry and becoming the star of the future. The stakes are very low but the returns are astonishing.according to an estimate the field of optometry is going to be one of the most precious fields of modern time. It will pay in both terms of higher salaries and secondly respect by your society.

There are two courses one is the diploma course in optometry which has a duration of 2 years and many universities and institutes offer a certification course which is mostly for 1 year.

Different career opportunities.

The scope after completing optometry course are many. Talking about some career options, we have described some of them below to give you an insight into these.

Optometrist -it is an independent medical healthcare provider having high skills and knowledge in the domain of eye care and treatment. Optometrist are fluent in taking good care of eyes and can examine both the parts of eyes including external and internal eyes. You can open your own clinic at the comfort of your own home. The income is lucrative and so are the benefits.

Optician- Plays an important role in managing different aspects of eye care, from helping senior doctors to cunducting different roles. The major role of an optician is to make eye lenses, design themes for glasses, and offer other small services to patients.

As talking about the above profession, there’s a little advice. You may heard that knowledge never goes into wain, so is the case here. If you are having detailed knowledge and skill you can also go for teaching in different institutions and colleges. The perks of being a teacher are great and anyone who doesn’t want to work as a health care provider can opt for this. The salaries are very lucrative and offer less workload and a healthy relation between your professional and personal life.

Higher Salary.

The returns are different in different fields. The salary of a fresher optometrist is between rupees 4 to 5 lakhs per year. If you can go to higher positions or becomes an ophthalmologist you will get greater returns. The salaries are very high if you are keen to work hard and always focuses to keep an learning attitude you will reach greater heights in your career.

Work as a social worker.

After reaching a certain level in your career, you will become proficient in your earnings and there will be no economic crisis in you family. There’s one thing you can look forward to serving the humanity and its social work. You can treat the needy without asking for any fee by doing this you will not only make yourself a part of a greater good but will also learn a lot of respect in your social life.

These were some common details about the course in optometry. Go for it and make a career there. It can be among the right decision for yourself.