SAAS workshop report of Business Analytics


Industry Expert: Miss. Nikita  G.Tandel

Organization :Imarticus

Designation: Data Analyst Trainer

Session Date & time : 14-02-2020- 17-02-2020, 9:15 am -4:30 pm

The students of Business Analytics, as well as faculties, got a chance to get detailed insights for “SAS as an Analytical Tool in Business Analytics” and got a practical understanding of how to work on SAS Software through hand-on training. Imarticus which was established in September 2012 is an institute which provides a range of industry-relevant training to meet the skillset requirements of leading companies in the fields of Financial Services and Analytics. Imarticus Learning offers a comprehensive range of professional Financial Services and Analytics programs that are designed to cater to an aspiring group of professionals who want a tailored program on making them career ready. Miss. Nikita G. Tandel who is a technical trainer in Imarticus took out her valuable time out of the busy schedule to throw light on SAS  and how we can use it in the near future. She initiated the introduction of SAS and its significance in Business World. She has taught us the application and uses of SAS.

The topics she has covered were

  • Using of loops.
  • Import various type of data sets.
  • Generate listing reports using Print and Report procedures.
  • Descriptive statistics of numeric variables.
  • Introduction to Structured Query Language in SAS.
  • Getting started with Macro facility.
  • Steps in building Regression Model with Business case studies.

Analytics is the field where we deal with numbers and unstructured data on a huge scale, but this needs to be presented most innovatively or creatively so that it connects with the common audience or the basis of your research for bringing better clarity.

Key Take away from Guest Session:

  • Easy to learn
  • Nice Output
  • Easy to debug
  • Ability to handle large database
  • Huge Job Prospects
  • Data Security
  • She also demonstrated ‘SAS which is a great editing tool for presenting your data most innovatively.

The session ended with the interaction with the students and Miss Nikita G. Tandel who cleared every doubt that was asked by them about different career options, methodologies, approach based and technical aspects. There was a test conducted at the end of the session and were graded accordingly.

It was a great learning for Business Analytics students as well as faculties which gave answers to many questions resulting in a fruitful session.