Report on HR Symposium 2021

The Human Resource Department of ITM business school Kharghar in association with ISTD Navi Mumbai Chapter and Bombay Management Association (BMA) organised a symposium on “Professional Excellence through Self Discovery” on 06th February 2021. 

The event was organized online through zoom platform. It started with virtual Lightning of lamp and Saraswathi Vandana. After the inauguration ceremony, the program continued with the motivational and inspiring speech of Prof. RSS Mani –Vice President-Institutional Development at ITM Group of Institutes and President of Bombay Management Association (BMA). He gave the perspective of setting the right attitude, role in shaping the personality of the students and providing a platform for excellence in their future career growth.

The zoom platform was full of 177 enthusiastic graduate students from 20 colleges from all across India. 

In order to enlighten the participants HR Symposium brings a platform orator session by our expert Ms. Vani Sengupta- Director HR at Westin Chennai, on theme “Knowing self and others in the new normal”. The objective of the discussion was to highlight the major role of soft skills in transforming the way businesses think and do – from traditional-led to digital-first. The discussion also comprised of the ways of developing soft skills, various modes of selection by the interviewer and much more. The session was also witnessed by faculties of various colleges along with some ISTD and BMA members as well.

After the Platform Orator session, the students attending symposium witnessed a virtual workshop on “In search of your North Star” through google meet. 

The participants were divided into four Google meet classrooms for the workshop, which was conducted by the faculty members of the HR Department namely Dr. Snigdharani Mishra, Dr Vasantha Lakshmi, Prof. Rachna Nigam, Prof Preeti Narendra, Dr. Sonal Jauhari & Dr. Tanvi Rana.

The workshop commenced by the interaction of the speakers with the participants, which made the participants comfortable and grabbed their interest for the topic of discussion. Then the speakers started their discussion in their respective classrooms with the excellent presentation on the very productive topic “Professional excellence, through self-discovery”. The topic was followed by several activities and self-evaluation exercises. It was accompanied by constant interaction with the participants to hold on their interests. The speakers made sure that all the participants understand the importance of hardworking and learning and how different people have different fears on the aspects for achieving success in future. Some great and living examples to which participants could relate well in their lives.

Then the presenter made participants realized how important it is to know self and the different personality types of individuals. It was mesmerizing to see participants learning life/ soft skills through such fun, interactive as well as motivating and learning way. The participants enjoyed as well as learned new concepts. 

The workshop emphasised on the fact that leadership, motivation, attitude, personality, conflict handling capabilities and perceptions play a key role in the excellence we aim for and thereby influences the success we achieve.

The overall symposium was very well received by the participants and it was a great learning.